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The Stahlwerk V100-3 is a professional industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner operating on 230 Volt. This makes it usable almost anywhere and partly due to its steel construction, this can be called a real industrial vacuum unit. The V100 is equipped with 3 by-pass motors, giving it a very high suction power. Manoeuvrable and low noise suitable for wet and dry

The well-insulated housing ensures that the V100-3 has a low noise level. The content of the steel container is 100 liters and is equipped with a float protection system that protects electrical components against liquids. The liquids can be drained using a mounted drain hose.

In addition, the V100 is equipped with a 5-layer filter so that smaller amounts of dust and other dry material can also be vacuumed. Optionally available with return pump, silicone gaskets and high-quality stainless steel that enables a long service life.
Wet and dry vacuuming in many ways, if desired with the attachment module with which you can clean up to 1000m2 in 10 minutes!

On all Stahlwerk Germany cleaning machines we give a 3 year warranty on the engine and a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel reservoir.