Stahlwerk K600 Sweeper

€ 3.495,00
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The Stahlwerk Germany K600 sweeper is a compact and user-friendly sweeper that can be used all year round. It has large wheels and 3 gears. It is the ideal machine for jobs around the house, (school) squares and parking lots and all other places where you want to sweep quickly and efficiently. You can use the machine as a sweeper or as a dirt clearing machine. Perfect for sweeping all kinds of surfaces such as asphalt, concrete or paving stones. The machine is equipped with a swiveling and height-adjustable brush. The sweeping brush consists of 14 separate brushes, each of which can be replaced individually. The handle is also adjustable in height. The powerline 4.5 kW petrol engine ensures that you can get started multifunctionally.

Model : Stahlwerk Germany K600
Motor : 4-takt, 1 cyilinder
Motor power : 4,5 kW
3600 rpm
cylinder capacity : 212 cm3
Euro 95
3,6 liter
Sweep width : 60 cm
Brush diameter : 35 cm
Sweep speed
350 turn/min
Tire size : 13 x 4.1 (big inflatabble rubbertire)
Gears : 3 forward, 1 backwards
Speed : 1,3 – 2,5 – 3,6 km/hour
Starter : manual start
Dimensions : L 110 x B 62 cm
Weight : 64 kg