Stahlwerk Chariot élévateur SW-e15 24V Li-ION

€ 31.950,00
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The Stahlwerk SW-e15 forklift is designed for efficiency and reliability in various warehouse environments. With its compact size, lightweight construction and small turning circle, it offers easy access to the cargo area, making it ideal for ground and container activities.

  • Weight: Lightweight and maneuverable for versatile use.
  • Wheels, Chassis: Equipped with solid rubber tires for strong grip and smooth ride.
  • Dimensions: Optimizes passage and space utilization with improved passage and space utilization.
  • Performance: Full AC drive system, small size, lightweight, high efficiency and maintenance-free without carbon brushes.
  • Motor, Charger: With a branded control system with multiple automatic protection systems for a higher level of functional safety.
  • Safety: Overload protection when lifting, hydraulic system with explosion-proof design for improved safety.
  • Steering System (EPS): Reduces energy consumption by 20%, ensures precise operation, reduces driver fatigue and increases productivity.
  • Mast: Features forward and reverse buffer and tilt system for added stability.

The Stahlwerk SW-e15 not only offers powerful performance, but also advanced safety and comfort functions. A perfect choice for effortless lifting, maneuvering and loading in your warehouse environment.